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Microfiber Cloth Starter Pack

More effective healthy cleaning with less effort - removes over 99% of bacteria with just water. Includes 4 General Purpose microfiber cloths and 1 Glass and Polishing Cloth.

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Reduce need for chemicals by cleaning effectively with just water!

Why We Chose It:
  1. Cleans surfaces safely with just water- no need for toxic cleaners!
  2. E-Cloth has 3.1 million fibers per square inch, while most other microfiber cloths only have up to 200,000 fibers per square inch (these fibers are what trap dirt, grime, grease, and bacteria)
  3. Leaves surfaces lint and streak free
  4. Reduces the use of paper towels and chemicals!

80% polyester/20% polyamide

    Featured in our Home Essentials Kit.

    E-Cloth Microfiber Cloth Starter Pack