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Molly's Suds

Wool Dryer Balls

Replace the need for toxic fabric softeners with Molly’s Suds hand-felted 100% Wool Dryer Balls, which last up to 1,000 loads, or three years, in the dryer, and reduce drying time by 15-30%.

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Replace the need for toxic laundry products!

Why We Chose It:
  1. Hand-Felted 100% New Zealand Wool/Certified Cruelty Free/Free of Dyes and Perfumes
  2. Sourced from humanely sheared sheep, Wool Dryer Balls are compostable and antimicrobial
  3. Naturally softens fabrics without coating them with toxins like conventional fabric softeners
  4. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to scent however you’d like!

Comprised of 100% hand felted wool, certified cruelty free.

    Featured in our Home Essentials Kit.

    Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls