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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will help you find what you’re looking for. Your feedback and questions encourage us to keep improving, you can contact us here.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Poppyseed Goods is ran by my husband and I. We began with the idea of making healthy, natural products more accessible for yourself and your friends. The name was chosen because I have been working as a baker until now, and I also LOVE poppies!

No, no, and no! There are already too many things on your “to-do” list, and we don’t want to make canceling unwanted memberships and subscriptions one of them!

Any order over $50 ships free

(no coupon code needed)! This means all of our kits qualify for free shipping. If you're ordering individual products and spend over $50, shipping costs will automatically be deducted from your order.

**We run a limited amount of promotions and sales that might offer free shipping on specific products or all products**

We began by choosing products that we use in our own home! From there, we researched these products and their ingredients on different databases and websites to make sure they were up to our standards. If they didn’t pass the test, we found cleaner products with solid customer reviews to replace them.

At some point we hope to rotate in more of our favorite products. For now, we are pretty confident in the products we’ve chosen thus far and we think you will be too!

We love suggestions! Please contact us and fill us in!

Yes! We actually recommend it. We aim to save you a trip to the post office by preparing each kit as a gift, and offering to add a customized greeting card. It will arrive at their door ready to be opened and enjoyed!

Each kit is wrapped with kraft paper, and tied with twine. The kit is then packaged in an inconspicuous shipping box so that the kit and wrapping won’t be damaged during shipping.

Unfortunately, we can’t control what happens during the shipping process, and sometimes items get damaged. Please contact us immediately and we would be happy to send you an individual product replacement!

We would love to hear it. Please fill out the Contact Us form below and ask away!